Ferndalehaus offers luxury loft-style apartment living in Downtown Ferndale, MI. Not only are our open floor plans beautiful and modern, but we also offer exceptional penthouses that will take your breath away. Our location is ideal for those who want a convenient walk over to many restaurants, shops, and bars just around the corner from our building. Nonetheless, you can enjoy all of the amenities we have to offer. We have a penthouse patio with spectacular views and a coffee shop for all of our coffee lovers. Apartment living offers many advantages that include easy maintenance, increased safety, a sense of community, financial advantages, and access to plenty of luxury amenities. You will not have to worry about any added fees that come with owning a home, and we make sure that our staff takes care of you. Take a tour with us today to discover what our Michigan community has to offer!

apartment complex gym


If you enjoy access to pools, gyms, or coworking spaces, an apartment is a great option for you. At Ferndalehaus, we offer luxury amenities that you can access easily at your convenience. Our floor plans include high ceilings, private balconies, and upgraded kitchens for you to enjoy. For the last few years, we have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis that has put a burden on us all. Nowadays, many people work remotely and need a proper space to do so. We are excited to offer private office and conference rooms with high-speed Wi-Fi so that you can get all of your work done without any interruptions. Aside from this, we have a coffee shop and lounge space for you to take advantage of.

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Easy Maintenance

If you are considering buying a house, you might want to keep in mind the maintenance you might have to attend to on it. An apartment complex requires little to no maintenance, which can be convenient for you and for the sake of your time. You will never have to worry about lawn maintenance or costly repairs. When you choose luxury living at Ferndalehaus, we take care of all of the maintenance so that you can enjoy your space without the extra commitment. If you need maintenance for a broken dishwasher or water leak, you can count on our staff to take care of the problem for you quickly. Nevertheless, this also saves you money so that you do not have to worry about additional costs that can put you in a financial bind.

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Increased Safety

Apartment living comes with many perks that include increased safety for your peace of mind. Our community includes a 24/7 secure package room, on-site valet, an electronic/keyless building system entry, covered street parking, and a gated pet playground. You also have the benefit of having many neighbors close by. If something should happen, you have others near to help you feel secure in your surroundings. Increased safety is especially beneficial if you live alone, or if you have children who live with you. At Ferndalehaus, we want you to feel safe in our community at all times. We believe your living space should be designed for you to feel relaxed, and our staff takes the proper precautions to ensure your safety needs are always our top priority.

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If you love to go out and about on the town, or if you are somebody who generally enjoys a social lifestyle, apartment living at Ferndalehaus offers great community opportunities. There are many chances to get to know your neighbors, whether it be at the gym, or perhaps at the pool. Nonetheless, we are situated right in the heart of Downtown Ferndale, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and more to keep you entertained and socialized within your community. What’s even better? With a walk score of 89, you can take a walk to many of the local shops and bars.

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Financial Advantages

A house compiles many additional bills that can burden your overall cost of living. A landlord at an apartment will take care of utilities and repair costs that would otherwise fall on you, if you owned a home. Moreover, even though the cost of living in an apartment might be higher than a mortgage payment, it is important to consider all of the following factors. A house adds on property tax, HOA fees, and more that can accumulate fast. Whether you choose a studio or one-or two-bedroom apartment at our complex, our units are small enough that you do not have to worry about substantial utility bills. We want to help set you up for success to save money for your future goals and plans.

Five Benefits to Apartment Living

Apartment living comes with many advantages that can help save you money while still providing luxury benefits. Enjoy access to gyms, pools, and more whenever you want. At Ferndalehaus, we offer luxury studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments for you to enjoy spectacular views and access to everything Downtown Ferndale has to offer. Our team wants you to feel invited to our community, and we offer many additional perks. We have a pet-friendly community, dry cleaning concierge service, electric car charging stations, and on-site valet. Our facility is the best in town, and we encourage you to check out our floor plans to see what we have available!