If you’re on the hunt for an apartment for rent, we have all the sympathy for you. Getting your hands on an affordable, luxury apartment that gives you a homey feel is a tough find. Amidst the variety of high-commodity options of houses, traditional apartments, condos, or townhouses, a loft apartment is a breath of fresh air. Living in ancient, yet urban spaces has picked up rage recently and is wooing city-dwellers all around.

Ferndalehaus, a loft-style living in the center of Downtown Ferndale, is a smart and sophisticated space that can bring the home of your imagination to life. Keep on reading to explore a few of the benefits of loft apartments.

An Open Concept Space Gives You Flexibility

Lofts are all about open space. With no internal walls, they are versatile and expansive, which gives you an open end to what you want to do with the place.

They work just as fine for a home-office setup as they do for a cozy cubby. 

It’s Hands-Down Unique and Trendy

Lofts are converted spaces that weren’t designed for living. This makes them the most unique home setting. After all, who wants to turn their back on oversized windows, exposed rustic-style bricks, and beams. The soft architecture details only make it more trendy and true to its raw origin. 

Gives Luxury Apartment Vibe With Affordability 

If you’re forgetting the taste of affordability with the cost of rentals reaching an all-time high, loft apartments are exactly what you need.
Original lofts that are actually converted from industrial buildings are cheaper than the small, urban apartments. Moreover, the charm of the ancient, industrial style with exquisite architectural details makes loft apartments a luxury pick.

Allows You to Go Crazy With the Decor

Lofts are a desirable choice because they are a blank slate for your creative mind. With high ceilings and open floors, you have nothing stopping you from going wild with your design ideas.
Whether you want to install a 70s-inspired staircase, have quirky and customized partitions to retain your privacy, or want the long walls to be your art muse, you can have it all!

Fosters a Great Sense of Community

Unless you are a recluse, no one desires to live in a secluded space with no presence of a community around you. Loft apartments facilitate amenities that provide public exercise rooms, fire pits, or common areas to hang around. It serves as an opportunity to engage with people and bond with them. 

Loft apartments can be an ideal option for you if you are in search of spacious, open-end, and cost-efficient spaces. Trust us, your visitors will drool over your new place!

To explore the options for a comfortable loft-living in Ferndale, Michigan, visit the website of Ferndalehaus. Start your lease application now – we are open for immediate occupancy.