Effectively arranging furniture can make all the difference in your apartment. It affects usability, openness, walking space and overall comfort. The key is arranging the room to highlight its attributes and downplay any limitations the space may have.

Here are some excellent tips from West Elm. Using their step-by-step guide will make your Ferndalehaus loft a home in no time flat:

  • Start with the sofa. In theory, your largest piece of furniture should be parallel to the longest wall, but that’s not always the best arrangement, so be open to the idea of floating your sofa in the center of the room or placing it perpendicular to the wall.
    TIP: If you’re buying a new sofa or sectional, use painter’s tape or even empty boxes to mark out where your sofa would be to make sure it fits and the scale feels right.
  • Alternatively, start with the TV. If it’s a big screen or the main use for this room, its placement is vital. Decide on the best spot and then arrange your sofa or sectional opposite it. Ideally, your TV should be at eye level when you’re seated (roughly 4’ off the ground), despite all the TVs you see hung above fireplaces. This will avoid neck strain and feeling like you’re in the first row of a movie theater.
    TIP: The ideal viewing distance for a standard TV is 8-12’. (One rule of thumb is to multiply the diagonal width of your screen by 3.) And be sure to place your TV so it faces away from sunlight.
  • Don’t line up furniture against the walls. Create a more cohesive seating group by pulling your sofa and chairs into the center of the room, or organized around your fireplace, TV or other focal point.
  • Add a pair of chairs or another sofa or loveseat opposite the sofa.It’s not a hard and fast rule, but in general, you want to balance the bulk of a sofa or sectional with a pair of chairs opposite it, and a coffee table or large ottoman in front of it. Allow about 14-18” between your sofa and coffee table.
    TIP: Angling the chairs a little will make the grouping feel more open and inviting.
  • Anchor the seating areawith a rug that’s large enough to fit at least the front legs of your sofa and chairs on it and allow about 2’ of bare floor between rug and walls.
  • Think about scale: You don’t want every piece of furniture to have the same horizon line. Keep sightlines open to windows, TV and fireplace, but find places to use taller pieces such as bookshelves or an armoire or even high-back chairs to vary the skyline of your room.
  • Rely on symmetry: Pairs of chairs or bookshelves help balance your arrangement and make it feel cohesive.
  • Consider the perimeter: Once you have your seating group set, add pieces such as a console table behind your sofa (perfect for lamps and drinks), a media cabinet below your TV, bookshelves, or a small desk or comfy reading chair in an empty corner.
  • Fill in (some) corners: They’re a perfect place for a tall plant or tree, a sculptural floor lamp or a roomy storage basket for magazines.

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