Searching for an apartment for rent in Ferndale is a real tire out. Ironically, the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough options, but that there are too many of them. On top of it, the real estate jargon just swooshes off your head. Therefore, to find an apartment that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations, you need to understand different types of apartments. Ferndalehaus, your ideal help in apartment hunting, is here with a comprehensive dictionary of different apartment types.

Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a small space that comprises one central, open room. With an area of about 500-600 square feet, it is divided into a living room area, a bedroom area, and a kitchen area within the same space. Such spaces are ideal if you’re an individual with a few furniture pieces and want an affordable space at a good location.

1-Bed Apartment

A 1-Bedroom apartment is a step above studio apartments. Apart from an open kitchen and living room, it has a small room that can be converted into a sleeping area. These are the most popular kinds since they provide a space resembling a bedroom. 

Loft Apartment 

Loft apartments are former industrial buildings that are converted into residential complexes. They are spacious apartments with high ceilings and oversized windows with a similar layout to a studio apartment. Typical lofts even have exposed beams, brick walls, and hints of ancient architectural details. 


A penthouse is a luxury apartment that is located on the highest floor of the building. Apart from being large, it has features like private rooftop decks and spectacular views. They usually fall in the higher pricing options.

Now that you’re familiar with the different types and styles, finding an apartment for rent shouldn’t be a challenge. At least, you are past the typical jargon now!

Ferndalehaus, your guide in finding a luxury, yet affordable loft living, is now open for immediate occupancy. Visit the website and explore the options for your perfect home in Ferndale.