If you’re new to Ferndale, welcome to the city of culture and cutting-edge trends! The city has a youthful vibrancy, and no matter your interests, the raging nightlife of the city will keep you company.

If you have got all settled up and moved into your home, it’s time to explore. Ferndalehaus, an affordable yet luxury apartment locator, has listed the best places for you to hang out at night. Keep on reading to find the gems of Ferndale city!

Valentine Distilling Co.

You must already have savored a drink or two around the city by now, but if you’re up for something new and refreshing, Valentine Distilling Co. is the place for you.

They serve self-distilled vodka by the name of Valentine Vodka here. Since the place has a nice, romantic setting, you can surprise your date with a night of enjoying their delicious craft cocktails.

Go Comedy! Improv Theater

If we were you, we’d never say no to a night of laughter with a drink on the side!

Go Comedy! Improv Theater is a comedy club where performers do their improv sketches and stand-up bits. After a long day, you can stop by, have a drink or two at their bar, and lighten up your mood with the amazing lined-up performances. 

Boogie Fever

If you’re a dance enthusiast, you can’t not go to Boogie Fever. It’s a contemporary dance club that remains open all night long and plays 70’s and 80’s music. The place has got a groovy vibe and you can have a fun time dancing on the large disco lighted dance floor. 

Grasshopper Underground

For all the music lovers in the house, Grasshopper Underground is a hard miss. With an intimate atmosphere, the place is amazing to catch the greatest in local and out-of-town electronic music and house music DJs. Its dark club music mystique complements its underground location. 

Tony’s Sports Bar

Don’t we all fancy a bar in the neighborhood that offers cheap drinks, and delicious food? Tony’s Sports Bar is that quintessential place for you. It’s a great place to watch your favorite teams play and it’s always flooded with sports freaks. 

We bet you are now all set for your next night out. Be sure to stop at one of these places and experience an adventure with your friends and loved ones!

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