How Ferndalehaus Luxury Lofts
Supports the Local Scene

Ferndalehaus Luxury Loft-style apartment is located in the heart of downtown Ferndale at the Iconic Intersection of Woodward and Nine. The iconic location of this luxury apartment puts all the action in the local Ferndale community just a few steps away from residents in the Ferndalehaus Luxury Lofts. The unique cross-section of residents in the luxury apartments supports the local scene in various ways as highlighted below.

friends enjoying a meal at a nice restaurant

Embracing the energy and diversity of the local scene

Ferndale, Michigan is a hip neighborhood that enjoys a fusion of different demographics including commercial, corporates, creative, and a blend of other things. Ferndalehaus residents are active professionals who love and embrace the unique diversity and vibrant energy of the local scene. We are a bustling apartment community with upscale style loft studio apartments, penthouses, and 1-2 bedroom open floor apartments for different categories of residents. The diversity of residents in Ferndalehaus reflects on our patronage of the local scene and support for local businesses.

friends enjoying time together at local club

Patronizing local businesses

Downtown Ferndale is a favorite local destination littered with galleries, parks, boutiques, and even green streetscapes. There are several local businesses within a proximate distance of Ferndalehaus Luxury Lofts this includes about 48 bars and 220 restaurants that are patronized by residents of the luxury lofts for food and drink. Online shopping is overrated, many of the residents in Ferndalehaus prefer to visit any of the 121 retail stores in the area to get their necessities.

Whether they’re looking to hang out with their friends at a sports bar or they want to grab a quick bite at a restaurant, there are plenty of options for residents in Ferndalehaus Luxury Lofts. This not only offers the convenience of luxury living because everything they need is just within reach, but it also strengthens the bond between them and the local community which they’re now a big part of. To find your perfect floorplan and lease option, contact us today!