As the seasons change and weather patterns shift, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to leave home and head to the gym. Good news! With the help of Fithaus, Ferndalehaus gives all residents 24-hour access to a fully equipped gym and fitness facility, all within the same building as our loft, penthouse, and studio units. Amenities in our fitness center include premium Peloton equipment, TRX training systems, state-of-the-art treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and more. Want to focus on building strength? Don’t let our TRX suspension trainer system scare you away from achieving a fantastic workout.

The modern-day gym floor is littered with hulking machines, Hulk-like iron pumpers, and the heavy sound of plates dropping after an exorbitantly dramatic deadlift rep. The combination of all these gym-characterizing elements can confuse, if not outright intimidate, even the most determined of us, whether we’re fully experienced fitness buffs, or we’re starting with the basics as a brand-new beginner.

As if “gym-timidation” wasn’t a real enough threat already, it’s very likely to be exacerbated upon first glance at the TRX suspension trainer — this labyrinthine collection of straps, pulleys, handles, and carabiners looks uncannily like something a stuntman would use to dangle off a building. Certainly, any newbie in the gym couldn’t be blamed for not knowing how to use it for its true purpose: as a multifunctional piece of workout equipment.

So . . . What Is The TRX System Used For?

In actuality, the TRX—short for total-body resistance exercise—is a training tool that uses your body weight to put a new flourish on some of the big-name exercises you’re likely already tackling in the weight room. TRX training systems can be used to execute a wide variety of exercises, including inverted rows, jump squats, push-ups, and many others. Its “handles” can be used to anchor hands or feet, and this in turn allows for a ton of single-leg or unilateral exercises that are hard to replicate with the aid of traditional dumbbells and barbells alone. By incorporating balance and stabilizer muscles into the weightlifting equation, TRX forces you to engage your core more consistently, and speeds up the positive results of your efforts to build strength.

(Worth noting: Although plenty of competing TRX-style suspension trainers are on the market, you’ll likely see the signature yellow-and-black straps in most training facilities. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke . . . “)

The History Behind The TRX Suspension Trainer System

The TRX training device was created almost by accident by a Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick, who, at the time, was trying to get in his daily dose of fitness while also serving in active deployment. He began by using what he had on hand: jujitsu belts, some spare parachute webbing, and various other bits and baubles. This early iteration of the athletic apparatus  — even as a prototype, the complexity of the TRX design would put MacGyver to shame — caught on quickly with friends and colleagues. Hetrick completed a post-deployment stint at Stanford Business School, where he completed a whole lot of tweaks and comprehensive revisions of his production process. The final version was ultimately rolled out, and today we know it well: the quintessential gym mega-machine made of high-quality nylon is in fitness facilities everywhere.

“Everyone [and] every body type can use it,” says Miguel Vargas, the company’s training and development manager. “We say that anyone from Homer Simpson to Superman can benefit from training on it.”

Science agrees with the TRX manifesto: One 12-week German study showed the apparatus can help increase balance and improve core strength. Research funded by the American Council on Exercise shows that incorporating TRX training into an eight-week (or longer) fitness program can significantly decrease waist circumference, reduce body-fat percentage, and improve the health metrics of both resting systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Ready To Start Sweating? Get Stronger Sooner With This TRX Workout Routine

Next time the weight room or training floor is too crowded for your tastes, switch it up by taking the TRX out for a spin. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start by using this circuit, courtesy of Eric Salvador, a TRX-certified trainer at Fhitting Room in New York City.

Following the warmup routine, complete each of the following 10 exercises for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Repeat the full circuit three times. After you’re through with all of that, don’t forget to stretch! You’ll use pretty much all parts of body as you progress through this TRX training session, from your hamstrings to your deltoids, so to prevent soreness, it’s best to plan accordingly in order to allow time for post-workout static stretching exercises. Aim to spend at least 20 seconds of time on each major muscle group.

Warm Up
 High knees
 High heels
 Squats
 Lunges
 Hamstring kicks
 Arm swings
 Push ups
 Tip toe walking

TRX Suspension Trainer Circuit

45 seconds per exercise. Rest 15 seconds in between sets. Complete full circuit three times.
1. Squat
2. Wide Grip Row
3. Lunge Left Leg
4. Chest Press
5. Lunge Right Leg
6. Bicep Curl
7. Hamstring Curl
8. Plank
9. Double Leg Raise
10. Leg hold (try to keep heels off ground)

Cool Down & Recovery

20 seconds, repeated as many times as needed, for each major muscle group:

  • Lower body, legs, and glutes
  • Upper body, shoulders, and arms
  • Back, core, and trapezius area (neck)

Follow static stretching with foam rolling or another form of myofascial release, if desired.

Try out the TRX Today — Without Leaving Your Apartment Building!

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Content of this article was partly adapted from the following GQ article: A Beginner’s Guide to Your Gym’s TRX Suspension Trainer System