Right along 9 Mile Road in Ferndale, there’s a new(ish) kid in town and we are so happy they’ve arrived. Ferndale Nutrition is the place to go for healthy shakes, energizing teas and the good vibes they promise via their website.

This magical place opened at the end of June and we’re not sure how we managed before it did. Their shakes boast 24 grams of protein per serving, as well as 21 essential vitamins and minerals. If you look the pictures of these shakes, you’ll never want any of the unhealthy alternatives ever again. Chocolate chip cookie dough? Yes, please. Oreo? Don’t mind if I do. And don’t even get us started on the Fall specials they’ve got going on—pumpkin everything. P.S. have we mentioned that each shake is under 250 calories? Guilt free and delicious.

Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a drink that actually helped you burn 100 calories just by drinking it? Seems pretty unrealistic, right? Well, Ferndale Nutrition has that covered, too. Its metabolism-boosting teas are just as good as the shakes, and even help with nutrition absorption and sooth your digestive system. We are loving the witches brew tea they have on special for October. A rainbow of colors and so tasty.

There’s so much variety on the menu and everything is so good, it will keep you coming back again and again. Ferndale Nutrition offers plenty of vegan options and many protein flavors available, too.

Next time you have a sweet tooth craving, grab your fur baby (yes, they’re welcome inside) and head to Ferndale Nutrition. Get your loyalty punch card started so you can start earning towards a free combo (shake and tea).

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