The question of living with a roommate is an age-old question – should I or should I not? Every renter has to face this question before they begin their quest to find an apartment for rent. If you are in the muddle and need a way out, it’s time you ask yourself the factual questions that will shape your decision.

Ferndalehaus, a platform where you can find loft apartments on the lease, brings you a series of questions that will help you know if getting a roommate is a fit for you or not. Let’s go!

Are You Financially Sound?

Your finances are the primary determiners of your decision. Having a roommate is a huge help in terms of expenses. From the rent to groceries, to every other utility, you and your roommate can split the costs. Even if finance is not a lookout for you, it doesn’t hurt to be able to afford a slightly larger and luxurious apartment.

Do You Need Privacy?

The degree of privacy varies considerably when you live with a roommate. Even though you can set up boundaries according to each other’s needs, it won’t be the same as living alone. Your roommate may have guests over or might have a certain routine that clashes with your lifestyle. You need to consider whether or not you’re okay with their significant others crashing at your place. Not to mention, the same applies to you too. Decide if you are fine with sacrificing a bit of your personal space or not.

Do You Want to Live Alone or Not?

Living alone is subjective. While some love being on their own, the rest crave company. If you like to have a companion, renting with a roommate works just fine. If you’re new to the city, it helps to make new friends. However, if you love being with yourself and need to be alone to recharge, a roommate is surely a roadblock. 

What are Your Thoughts on Sharing?

Regardless of the boundaries you set, two people living in the same space have to share quite a few things. Even with separate bedrooms, you will be hanging out and preparing your meals in a common space. Think thoroughly about whether it’s your piece of cake or not. You don’t want to get into the drama later. 

Would You Like a Helping Hand?

When you share your home, you have the option to carry out home chores and other activities with your roommate. Be it cooking, cleaning, picking up groceries, or running errands, you get a helping hand in everything. Of course, you can choose to do everything separately, but having help in running a house doesn’t hurt.

Living with a roommate is a personal decision based on your choices and circumstances. There’s no right or wrong to this question, and you better not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whether you rent an apartment with a roommate or go solo, you have Ferndalehaus to help you either way. Our loft apartments in Ferndale are readily available for you to rent. Contact us to get your questions answered.