Do you find it overwhelming to search for apartments for rent? Are you a young adult searching for your most suitable solace space? Look no further because we have got you covered. It is often confusing to choose the right place for your living with the numerous options floating in the air. Whether to settle down for loft apartments or to go ahead with the smaller-than-the-rest spaces— there are decisions to be made. 

If you plan to live solo or with a significant other, you are likely to rent either a studio apartment or 1-bedroom option. Although these may appear to offer similar services, both are separated with significant distinctions. Ferndalehaus has got just the right fit for your needs. Read on below to know what path to follow!

Structural Layout of the Apartments for Rent

Studio apartments tend to follow an open-floor concept with bedrooms, kitchen, and the living room attached all together. It is a perfect choice for individuals living alone and looking for comfy spaces. 

1-Bedroom rentals, on the other hand, are more inclined towards luxury apartments. Unlike studios, they have walls separating the rooms and offer more space. Ferndalehaus has a wide range of apartments for rent, offering just what you need!

Cost of Living in Luxury Apartments

Because of the concise layout, studio spaces are more likely to be cheaper than the 1-bedroom apartments which are usually more spacious. 

So if your priority is to cut down on money and save whatever extra bucks you can, a studio apartment is the way to go. 

Keeping Up with the New Normal

In the pandemic-stricken world, work from home has become the talk of the town. Since most people are more likely now to work remotely, studio living can be difficult to manage. 

Day-in and day-out in the same common area can be frustrating. With a 1-bedroom apartment, you at least get some variation. 

Choosing your perfect living space from the sea of apartments for rent just gets easier with Ferndalehaus’ best-in-class services and guides! Visit Ferdalehaus and lease your preferred luxury apartment that strikes a balance between comfort and luxurious lifestyle. You can begin the leasing process here.