Living in loft apartments can be significantly enhanced if you are able to maximize the entire space and use it effectively. Smart living not only makes your life easier but also presents your space in an eye-catching way!

Implementing quick space-saving hacks while staying in your luxury apartments can be immensely rewarding when done the right way. Today, the team of Ferndalehaus has curated some smart solutions to help you save space and live a more organized life. Let’s dive in.

Ditch the Floor Lamps

When you are living within a limited space, it is imperative to organize your things in the most optimum way. Having floor lamps in your apartment can be cumbersome while occupying a lot of space. 

Alternatively, you can opt for wall-fixed or hanging lamps that provide you with a stylish look along with saved space. What a win that is!

Beds with Storage to the Rescue

Effective beds with in-built storage is a wonder product when you start living efficiently with smart hacks. Putting all your extra items into the dedicated storage compartments of your bed helps you get rid of all the outlying mess and saves space.

Shelves on the Wall

Dedicating large cabinets in your luxury apartment can possibly make smaller rooms look congested. A smarter way to deal with this is to hang floating shelves over the walls which provides both space and style. 

Ferndalehaus offers sophisticated units that are designed with your needs in mind and ensure you receive the best apartments in Ferndale.


You can make your small-house living convenient and stylish by simply considering these quick hacks. 

Visit Ferdalehaus and jump to finding a luxury apartment. We’ll help you discover the joy of loft-style living in a luxurious way – contact our team today for further details.