Downtown Ferndale is a vibrant city – well saturated with the drips of artistic glory and cultural bits in the town. The restaurants here do not just offer the best food, but also enrich the culture of the city by keeping it beating in various ways.

Ferndalehaus, a loft apartment complex in Ferndale, is here with the top 10 restaurants that hint at the city’s art and culture pattern. Find the best picks for you from the list.

The Oakland

The Oakland is a cocktail bar and restaurant famous for its meticulously and consistently crafted cocktails. The place is painted in the contemporary design of the early 20th century making it a timeless and sophisticated drinking space for friends and family.

Anita’s Kitchen

Established in 1981, Anita’s Kitchen on Drayton Street in Ferndale is known for its traditional recipes. Be it craft beer and cocktails, or raw juices and smoothies, everything is authentic and complements the Lebanese cuisine.

Brooks Brewing

Hitting the classic perfectly, Brooks Brewing is raising the standard for beer and wine. Belonging to a family of tinkerers, craftsmen, and learners, they incline towards arts and empirical sciences. They reflect it through their freshly brewed and hand-crafted beer and wine.

The VI Restaurant and Tavern

The VI Restaurant and Tavern is the place to hit when you want to catch the real artistic vibes of the city. This place has a lineup of local musicians just about every day. You don’t mind soothing piano music in the background while having a fine glass of wine, do you?

Hotel Ivanhoe Restaurant & Saloon

The Hotel Ivanhoe is a restored historic gem, first made in 1870. It is one of the oldest hotels in the continental United States and the first and last of original hostelries in Ferndale. The place looks like a Victorian antique-styled luxurious apartment and serves dining along with musical festivities in the saloon.

Assaggi Mediterranean Bistro

Assaggi Mediterranean Bistro, a family-owned restaurant, has a warm, friendly atmosphere. It serves a mix of Rustic Italian and Country French with a touch of Lebanese in local seasonings along with wines from the best vineyards in the world.

Ferndale Project

Ferndale Project is a Latin-American street-food-inspired cafe and restaurant that also offers patio dining. It hosts various events, from book clubs to parades, keeping the spirits of the city high.

Como’s Restaurant

If your weekend plans look like basking in the sun along with your pet with a variety of delicious Italian-American fare, you will love Como’s. It is a casual eatery that will make your pet feel right at home.

Howe’s Bayou

If you want to experience the traditional, rich taste of steaks and seafood, Howe’s Bayou is the place for you. The place serves a great selection of craft beers, boutique wines, and cocktails.

Mind’s Eye Coffee Lounge

Do you fancy acoustic music with your pour-over coffee and espresso, with the warm, yeasty aroma of freshly baked treats? If so, Mind’s Eye Coffee Lounge is the perfect place for you. You can just sit by the fireplace, read a book, work, or just explore the diverse showcased work of area artists.

Finding the perfect place is no longer a challenge! Now that you know some of the best eats in the city, you can go out and experience the rich taste of Ferndale. If you’re new to the city and want an apartment for rent in Ferndale, visit Ferndalehaus. We are currently accepting lease applications.