Luxury Living in Oakland County

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Ferndalehaus is an exciting luxury apartment loft facility in downtown Ferndale, Michigan. You’ll find many great features in Ferndalehaus that you’ll love. You’ll see many floor plans and local amenities you’ll appreciate. Here’s a closer look at why Ferndalehaus is your best bet for upscale living in Oakland County.

luxury floorplan living room

Luxury Floor Plan Selections

The floor plans at Ferndalehaus include many choices that fit your needs. You’ll find apartments with one or two bedrooms, plus you’ll see the dedicated bathroom and kitchen spaces in your area. From the Penthouse 510 units with their semi-vaulted ceilings and private balconies to the Aalten unit, a 1 master bedroom suite, full state-of-the-art bath, and completely customizable luxury haven, you’ll find something of value at Ferndalehaus.

ferndalehaus exterior

High-Energy, Diverse Community

You’ll make plenty of friends while at Ferndalehaus. The place features various public meeting spaces where you can meet the diverse and modern community that lives here. Ferndale has become a Michigan hub for the fusion of diverse demographics and both commercial and residential spaces, with a thriving and exciting downtown district. Nightlife is vibrant, with many live music spots, clubs, and gastropubs. The odds are you’ll come across some new friends while out here.

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Modern Amenities

The amenities at Ferndalehaus make life more enjoyable. Ferndalehaus has a pet playground, an on-site valet, a fitness center, and Wi-Fi available in community areas. Residents have access to the exclusive fifth-floor Clubhaus, which features shared business workstations and a comfy fireside retreat room. Ample parking is available, both on-street and covered, as well as convenient charging stations for electric vehicles. The property is also a short walk from many businesses, shops, and dining spots in Ferndale.

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Various Leasing Options

You can lease an apartment at Ferndalehaus for as long as necessary. You can request a short or long-term lease, plus you can request furnishings. The staff at Ferndalehaus will help you find a lease plan that fits your living needs and your budget. No matter what your needs are, you will find the luxury accommodations you desire at Ferndalehaus.

You will appreciate life at Ferndalehaus, the best place for upscale living in Ferndale and Oakland County. Visit to learn more about what it offers and how it can work for your life. You can also call Ferndalehaus at 248-850-7405 if you have additional questions or if you wish to schedule a visit.

Reach out to us for application information!